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The Bolenna


One of the great assets that Cornwall has is its environment. One of the main reasons people come here is to enjoy its unique and beautiful environment – the beaches, the rugged cliffs, the flora and fauna, the historic sites and the Cornish way of life. We all have an impact on this environment and, with a little thought and action, we can help to preserve it for future generations.

At The Bolenna we recognise our responsibility to respect the environment and are committed to achieve environmental best practice, where practically possible throughout our business activity.

We continually seek ways to conserve and protect natural resources, to minimise wastage of raw materials and energy, whilst providing a consistent and quality product and service to our guests.

We conduct internal environmental reviews and annually assess our progress towards an improved environmental performance and revise as necessary.

Our customers and guests are made aware of our sustainability policy and to give them the option to help us achieve them.

To ensure our team of staff are aware, involved and encouraged to be proactive in wanting to work to and improve our environmental policies.

Activities that are established at The Bolenna include:

Energy Conservation

  • Use of Energy Saving bulbs
  • Encourage a “switch off policy” with staff and guests
  • Ensure staff are aware of requirement to turn down/off radiators thermostats when rooms are not booked out
  • Endeavour to print literature on recycled paper
  • In periods of low occupancy, appropriate sections within the hotel are isolated so heating can be turned off and lighting reduced to emergency levels only
  • Regular boiler checks
  • Purchasing of energy efficient equipment


Reducing Waste

  • Recycle/Re-use
  • Use fabric napkins as much as possible not paper ones
  • Use recycled products wherever possible
  • Move towards using environmentally friendly cleaning materials, and Micro fibre cloths
  • Recycle Kitchen oils


Water Consumption

  • Laundry, by reducing the quantity of towels we wash, we reduce water consumption, energy and use of detergents
  • Good maintenance – mending leaking taps
  • Full loads in washing machines and dish/glass washers
  • Responsible purchasing (to reduce the environmental impact of the hotel caused through travel)
  • Use of all local produce
  • Development of our own vegetable garden
  • Source eggs from the Cornish Eco-Egg company which is powered by sustainable energy
  • Develop and increase responsible purchasing methods to include sourcing products using suppliers that maintain ethical practices
  • The use of Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified products where possible


Guest contribution

  • Laundry, we give guests the option to not have their towels Laundered everyday
  • We request for equipment not to be left on standby or prolonged charging
  • To turn down the heating before opening the windows
  • Restaurant guests are welcome to take home any leftovers, therefore reducing waste
  • We are open to any suggestions from guests that will aid our sustainability


To follow the Countryside Code

We ask that all guests follow the Countryside Code, including important steps to protect the environment:

  • Take your litter home – leave no trace of your visit
  • Do not light fires and only have BBQs where signs say you can
  • Always keep dogs under control and in sight
  • Dog poo – bag it and bin it – any public waste bin will do
  • Care for nature – do not cause damage or disturbance
  • We all have a responsibility to protect our countryside and open spaces for current and future generations
  • Care for nature – do not cause damage or disturbance. Leave rocks, stone, plants and trees as you find them and take care not to disturb wildlife including birds that nest on the ground.
  • Do not disturb ruins or historic sites – our heritage in the natural and built environment is important.


Our Valentine's Day getaway special!

This year we are excited to offer our incredible Valentine’s Day Getaway Special:

  • 2 Nights accommodation for 2 people
  • Bed & Breakfast Included
  • 3 Courses Valentine’s Dinner for 2
  • Bottle of Prosecco
  • Your choice of room (first come first served!)

All for just £250 per couple!

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